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Reasons to Stay at an Airbnb During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Reasons to Stay at an Airbnb During the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

You know when you hear about something and think, “Hey, that’s a really smart idea, I should try that!” – and then just never do it? That’s me with Airbnb.

The concept of Airbnb – individuals renting out their homes to travellers – has always sounded intriguing to me. I love the variety of accommodation that this type of house sharing provides! It also allows visitors to see the destination from a local’s perspective.

However, despite this curiosity and intrigue, I still had never done it – until I visited the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and officially lost my Airbnb virginity.

The Fringe is one of world’s largest arts festivals, and has been going on for more than 60 years. The festival spans the entire month of August, and encompasses all of Edinburgh. It is completely, and utterly worth visiting – but the hotel prices can get a bit ridiculous.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Edinburgh Fringe Festival

To be fair, they jack up the prices because they know they can; people will still pay it. That is, unless you are a savvy Airbnb-er, of course! When we visited, we ended up staying with two different hosts because we extended our trip at the last minute – and they were both fantastic.

Accommodation #1: Staying in an Airbnb Spare Bedroom

For the first night, we stayed in a spare bedroom of an apartment. It was clean, and very well decorated. On top of that, the location could not have gotten any better – right on the Royal Mile!

The Royal Mile
The Royal Mile

The location was prime, and the host was fantastic. Despite the late hour of our arrival, our host was more than helpful with directions and transit. It is wonderful to chat to the locals that you are staying with to get inside tips about the city, good places to go/avoid, and genuinely get to know a bit more about the culture – or just the people in general.

I was slightly worried about how awkward it would be staying in the spare room of someone’s place, but honestly, having the host there to chat with actually made the stay that much better! (However, you do need to be mindful of the people that you are staying with – i.e. if you are coming in late, don’t make a ruckus etc.)

Reasons to stay in an Airbnb spare room:

  1. Cheapest way to see the city
  2. Often the best locations to get to and from main attractions
  3. You have a wealth of local knowledge through your host
  4. A great way to meet new people while you are travelling.

However, if staying in someone’s spare room is a bit too outside your comfort zone, Airbnb also offers private apartments that you can rent.

Accommodation #2: Staying at a Private Airbnb Apartment

The second accommodation was also extremely convenient for walking to and from the festival activities, but was a slightly different set up. With this accommodation, we had the entire two-level apartment all to ourselves, so we were able to have our own bedrooms as well as a kitchen and living room. The host met us outside the building at the agreed upon time, and showed us around the apartment. Again, a wonderful accommodation that was clean and enjoyable.



Airbnb #2
Airbnb #2

Reasons to stay in an Airbnb private apartment:

  1. You have complete privacy during your stay
  2. You can fit more people into an apartment or house rental
  3. Complete access to kitchen and eating area – save money on eating out by cooking right at ‘home’
  4. Able to come in at any time without disturbing your hosts.

These are just two examples of Airbnb accommodations, but I encourage you to check out the listing that are available for your next destination.

Things to Remember:

  1. Make sure to read the reviews and that it sounds like a comfortable fit for you
  2. Airbnb is also a sharing site; so make sure you post a review about your stay when you leave – this helps not only to build your credibility as a renter, but also helps others who are looking for a place to stay as well
  3. Be mindful that this is someone’s property, so make sure to keep it clean and be respectful.

It’s a bit nerve wracking the first time, trusting strangers, but travelling is all about the experiences! Click here if you want to hear more about my trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, or if you are looking for fun things to do in the city click here.

Let me know if you have any Airbnb tales to tell – good or bad, I’m interested to know!